Our Team

If there is one thing we are proud of at Burton Marine Pile Driving Inc, it's our people!

Since our inception, Burton Marine Pile Driving Inc has focused on "finding the right people, and finding the right job for those people". Our philosophy has always been to share the ownership and profits of our company with our employees, as such, our company is made up of a variety of employee owners. The results of this corporate philosophy has been extremely successful in building a dedicated crew that work exceptionally well in a team environment.



Steve Burton, President


Steve is a graduate of B.C.I.T. - Civil Engineering Technologist.

He has over 28 years working in all aspects of the Marine Construction industry. He has been involved in everything from engineering and construction of breakwaters on the rugged west coast of British Columbia to bridge installations on rivers throughout the remote northern areas of Western Canada.

In 1997, Steve started his proprietorship Burton Marine Contracting which evolved into it's present day format as Burton Marine Pile Driving Inc. Steve has built everything from small floating docks to complex marinas to public structures throughout BC and Washington. With his adventurous attitude, Steve is always keen to take on new challenges and explore new opportunities.


  • Marina and Breakwater Design
  • Marina and Breakwater Engineering
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Innovative Solutions

Kevin Hanson , Director of Operations


Kevin is a graduate of The University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry.

Kevin has over 15 years experience in the forestry industry where he gained extensive knowledge of the industry but specifically in engineering roads, cutblocks and supervising subcontractors as well as classifying streams, creeks and lakes for cutblock permits.

In 2009, Kevin joined the Burton team and quickly took to the carpentry and construction side of our business. He has overseen our residential dock construction for over 5 years. Kevin is always researching current building techniques, products and materials and has evolved our residential docks into the highest quality docks available on BC Lakes.


  • Crew Supervision
  • Project Management
  • CAD Sketch-ups and Drawings
  • Applications

Colin Dunlop , C.E.O.


Colin is a graduate from B.C.I.T. with diplomas in Operations Management and Forestry Management.

Colin worked for 5 years in the Inventory Management field specializing in heavy equipment and transport trucks. Following that, he spent over 13 years working in the forestry industry, gaining experience in engineering, supervising construction and decommissioning of roads, bridges, and cutblocks.

In 2003 Colin started a barging business on Okanagan Lake which lead to Steve and Colin joining forces a couple years later. Colin has a long standing interest in heavy equipment which is why he oversees our cranes and pile driving operations.  As the business has grown, Colin has taken on the administration and customer relations roles in the company.


  • Corporate Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Relations
  • Management of our land based pile driving operations 

Dave Moran, Project Manager


  • Project Manager
  • CAD Sketch-ups and Drawings
  • Barge Operations Supervisor

Simon Engelmayer, Project Manager


  • Project Management
  • Crane and Barge Operator
  • Maintenance Supervisor

Mike Doiron, Sales Manager


  • Customer Representative
  • Sales