Burton Marine Pile Driving Inc. has a long standing commitment to providing our customers with the best service we can deliver. While that is a nice statement, what does that mean to us at Burton Marine?

Burton Marine's 5 components of quality customer service:

  1. PRODUCT AWARENESS: Our customer representatives must have extensive knowledge about our products and services in order to provide our customers with reliable information upon which they can make their decisions. Product awareness does not just stop at our front door but it involves constantly researching new products and new construction techniques in order for us to bring the best available options to our customers.
  2. ATTITUDE: Friendly and personable characteristics are the personality traits we look for, and encourage, in all our employees. At Burton Marine, we try to engage, challenge, listen to, and respect our employees opinions and suggestions. It is our philosophy that positive employee attitudes start within a positive work environment.
  3. EFFICIENCY: At Burton Marine we recognize efficiency in it's simplest terms; a prompt response time. We are committed to returning all phone calls and e-mails within one business day.
  4. PROBLEM SOLVING: One of the components to quality customer service is fixing problems and answering customer questions. Innovation and thinking "outside of the box" are cornerstones we have built our reputation on.
  5. COMMUNICATION: Communication with our customers is our number one priority. Whether it’s discussing schedules, construction options, providing product support or assisting with government agencies, we never forget our customers always come first. Working in the marine environment comes with its own sets of challenges. Weather, rescue operations and breakdowns are some examples that can cause scheduling delays. Regardless of whether it's good news or a delay, we are committed to keeping our customers "in the loop".